Employee Retention Can Be A Great Challenge. Here’s How To Retain Your Best Performers

Employees are worth keeping
Each day, I see a lot a professionals make decisions to move on from their current positions. Reasons range from better pay to career growth to even lack of appreciation from their employer. I once recall a very successful candidate mention to me “When you know that you have made real contributions to your organisation, you may find yourself

Why return from Maternity leave should not seem like Eternity?

Returning to work from maternity leave might be nerve-wracking for mother’s who aren’t well prepared. Working mothers may face various problems when they recommence work after a career gap, however, some planning would definitely make the transition a lot smoother.
While you are still on the maternity leave, set yourself for the successful return to the work. Here are a

Writing a Job Description in less than 10 minutes

Are you serious about recruiting some new human resources in the coming months? If yes, now is the right time to start the ball rolling, and an excellent job description is going to be an absolute must. In fact, this is the most vital stuff to begin working with in the recruitment process and, if written well, it can indeed mean

People Innovations News is now piREV

People Innovations Pty Ltd today announced that its existing People Innovations News Portal will be now be called piREV. The rebranding is in line with People Innovations ongoing initiatives to make available useful industry news, resources & other information to its job seekers & clients. The original People Innovations News Portal was set up to provide internal news & information about important organisational & other

Unemployment rate remains steady at 5.8%

Another 14,200 jobs have helped keep the country’s unemployment rate steady in April 2014.
Australian Bureau of Statistics today released its monthly Labour Force figures for the month of April 2014. The unemployment rate remained steady at 5.8% as per the Bureau’s report. The results of the survey have once again challenged the predictions of various economists who had expected a slight

18,100 jobs cause a surprise drop in Unemployment Rate

Australian Bureau of Statistics today released its monthly Labour Force figures for the month of March 2014. Much to the surprise of economists, the unemployment rate has dropped 2 basis points from 6.0 percent to 5.8 percent. It had been initially predicted that the average unemployment rate would increase to 6.1%.

ABS reported that the Australian economy has added