Employee Retention Can Be A Great Challenge. Here’s How To Retain Your Best Performers

Employees are worth keeping

Each day, I see a lot a professionals make decisions to move on from their current positions. Reasons range from better pay to career growth to even lack of appreciation from their employer. I once recall a very successful candidate mention to me “When you know that you have made real contributions to your organisation, you may find yourself re-evaluating your intentions on sticking along.” In these circumstances, employers are faced with a real challenge to retain good employees. Such is the importance of good employee retention strategies that businesses nowadays hire experts to help them learn about:

a. Effective employee incentives; and
b. Various other factors contributing towards job satisfaction.

An organisation may have incredible products or services to sell, but without good employees, the organisation’s growth is limited. A good way to boost employee retention is to make employees into your priority. An employee who cares about their organisation has a mindset that makes them feel as a part of that organisation. However, this can only happen if an employee has bought into the concept that this is his/her company too and that they want it to do well. When an employee reaches this level of commitment, you would typically like them to be around for a long time. As their employer, you can meet your commitments through rewards and recognition in return. As a rule of thumb, always remember that recognition strengthens an employee’s morale and boosts  employee retention.

Determining Employee Worthiness

As an employer, it is good to know how employees respond within certain situations. This is a great way to challenge and witness their coping and communication skills. Usually, an employee would welcome the opportunity to tackle the task at hand. This is because it gives them an opportunity to further express their value at their job. Nine times out of ten, a growth moment from a performance challenge makes an employee commit to long-term employment hence boosting employee retention rates.

Employee retention strategies should also be incorporated in hiring policies & processes. Organisations must do their part in hiring employees that stay long term. Go beyond the great resume and glowing recommendations. Dig in to discover perspective employee skills and experience that they have listed on their resume. Create project scenarios to hear their approach towards problem-solving. All of the aforementioned are ideal ways to hire someone who would be able to handle the job well. Good employees take pride in showing off their experience which leads to a greater commitment towards long-term employment.

To sum it all up, employee satisfaction makes all the difference in going from job to job to staying and growing within an organisation successfully.

Co-Author: Anshul Malhotra, Client Relations – Executive Manager

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