HR – The Heart Rate of your Organisation

With Valentine’s Day just past, I still see feelings of love brewing into the hearts of the young (and not so young) all around. “Love” is a fantastic state of mind and to me, people who have learnt to truly love somebody (else) hold a special regard. Why? Because, I believe that people who are in love are exceptional thinkers, just like most of the eminent people in this world – Think that’s an overstatement? Read on.

Around this time last year, I was on my way to meet one of our key customers in the CBD. It was a special day for the whole organisation, as we prepared to offer our first Employer Branding Service proposition to a real customer. After a full year of research and development, it was time we tested the waters. Fortunately enough, an opportunity came along quickly. One of our customers, a leading food business, expressed interest in this new service of ours and wanted to learn more about it. An information session was scheduled and I was given the responsibility to introduce this new service to them.

So here I was, headed to our customer’s office on an early February morning. I was well prepared, I knew the product inside out and I was excited for the prospect that lay ahead of us. However, as I got out of the metro station, I felt a sudden shiver run down my spine. It was a familiar feeling but before I could analyse it, I felt a friendly touch on my shoulder. It was Neha, our (relatively) new addition to the Client Relations team. Neha was to accompany me to the information session and her presence suddenly felt like pure bliss (following the funny spinal feeling I had earlier on).

Neha had got married a month ago and it was hard to miss the gleam she had carried in her eyes since. Moreover, she was a creative, intelligent and enthusiastic girl – Overall a valuable addition to the team and a great associate to help make the most of today’s opportunity.

The Information Session

The session kicked off as planned and the initial segment went well (or at least I thought that it did). However, about two hours into the information session, we started to run short of answers. Answers, that existed but, like with any new invention, were not exactly, umm, convincing. Overall, two key questions stood out – What will it (the service) accomplish for our customers and how?

Being an optimistic person, I thought that we were just two questions (or answers) away from success. And, all we had to do was to devise answers that were easily comprehensible for our customers. “But wait a second, isn’t that what we have been trying to do all morning”, I thought to myself. I started to think if we are going in circles but little did I know that my fellow associate had different plans altogether. Neha had already come up with a great offbeat solution to the whole situation. Not only that, in the next 15 minutes, she was going to set the foundation of our first ever Employer Branding Service offering.

Here is a specimen of what she came up.

HR - The Heart Rate of your Organisation

In conclusion, she only had two more sentences – “Great Organisations are Humanly and have Emotions. If you Love your People, express it to them and they will Love you Back”.

With that, Neha sealed the deal for us and we never looked back. More importantly, what we (I, our organisation and our customer) learned that day was going to stay with us forever -Exceptional thinkers are spontaneous and passionate. And, that they are just like true lovers.

Having an effective Employer Branding strategy can do wonders for your business. If you need help spreading the love to your People as well, please feel free to contact us for an obligation free initial consultation.

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