Product Disclosure Statement

This Disclosure Statement has been designed to help you understand the Give n Take Club Procedure and its relevance to you. It sets out the features and benefits of the Give n Take Club.

People Innovations Pty Ltd has the sole responsibility for implementation and administration of this Policy. It is important to note that any advice People Innovations Pty Ltd may provide is general only and does not take into account your individual circumstances. You should consider whether enrolment in this Club is right for you.

In this Disclosure Statement, some words and expressions have a special meaning. Their meaning is explained in the definitions section of this Disclosure Statement.


  1. People Innovations Pty Ltd – The company
  2. PEOPLE INNOVATIONS – The company brand
  3. Clients means and includes the organisations to whom the Company shall provide temporary employees hiring services
  4. Candidates means temporary employees including you who shall work for the Company’s client organisations
  5. People consultant is the employee of the Company who shall be responsible for all your screening and interview activities
  6. Give n Take Club is the Company’s leave-sharing program where you sacrifice a certain amount of your weekly/fortnightly/monthly (depending on pay frequency) wages to secure additional leave benefits
  7. Leave-sharing Group includes a group made up of four candidates who are members of the Give n Take Club and are in the same pay grade
  8. Available Leave is the total number of leave hours available to each candidate, that is, accrual of leaves less the previously used leave & leave planned for future
  9. Group Total Leave means the total available leave hours for all the candidates in the leave sharing group in any given week
  10. Probation Period refers to the continuous period of 3 months in the same assignment after which you become eligible for additional leave benefits provided by the Company & “Give n Take Club” leave-sharing program
  11. Annual Membership Fee is the amount of money that you have to pay annually at the time of signing up or renewing your membership with the Give n Take Club. This fee is charged by the Company to manage the administration of your membership in the leave-sharing program

Disclosure Statement (DS)

This document sets out the standard terms and conditions applicable to this program including the procedure of administration, leave entitlements, salary sacrifice and benefits. Should we substantially amend this DS, we will issue you a Supplementary Disclosure Statement (SDS) which will provide details of these amendments.

From time to time and where permitted by law, we may change parts of the policy. If we do so, any updates that are not materially adverse to you from the point of view of a reasonable person deciding to enroll in this program, may be found on the benefits page of Should you wish to receive a paper copy of the latest DS, please do not hesitate to contact your People Consultant who shall send you a copy free of charge.

Sign Up

  • When you start an assignment with the Company, you will be informed of the leave-sharing program under Give n Take Club.
  • You can become a member of the leave-sharing program either at that stage or midway during an assignment by paying the annual membership fees.
  • The benefits will take effect after you have completed your probation period of three (3) continuous months.


  • Upon successful sign up and payment of the annual fees, you will be assigned into a suitable leave-sharing group of maximum 4 candidates of the same pay grade.
  • Once you are assigned into a leave-sharing group, at each pay cycle salary deductions are made based on the hours you have agreed to sacrifice.
  • The number of hours that can be sacrificed each week cannot exceed 2 hours, i.e. 4 for a fortnight and so on, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • The number of hours to be sacrificed in each pay cycle shall remain the same for the period of the annual membership and cannot be changed until the membership is renewed.

Leave Accrual & Entitlement

  • Your Leave will accrue on a pro rata basis on each pay cycle.
  • The leave available to you for the week will be equal to the leave accrued till the previous week.
  • Leave cannot be accrued for more than the equivalent of one (1) week’s leave at any given time, that is, you will be required to use or cash out any leave that has been accrued over and above the equivalent of one (1) full week’s accrued leave.
  • You are responsible to ensure that your People Consultant is made aware of any expected leave plans as soon as practically possible.

Leave Usage

  • You are required to provide at least one (1) week’s notice before taking or cashing out leave. Approval of your leave request (or cash out request) is at the sole discretion of the Company and will also depend on total available leave for the group & other factors.
  • The maximum leave that you can take at any stage cannot exceed twice the amount of your Available Leave or the Group Total Leave available whichever is lower.
  • The maximum leave that can be cashed out at any stage cannot exceed the amount of your available leave.
  • The Company can insist that you use your accrued leave once in a year, if necessary.
  • Leave will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Maximum number of hours that can be taken or cashed out will, therefore, rely upon already taken & reserved leaves for all members within your leave-sharing group.
  • No leave requests shall be approved if the available leave & total leave in your group for the previous week is zero (0) or negative.

Membership Renewal

  • Your Give n Take Club membership will need to be renewed annually after payment of the annual membership fees.

Ending Membership

  • You can withdraw your membership from the Give n Take Club either voluntarily or due to the end of your assignment or if your employment has been terminated by the client organisation.
  • If your membership is withdrawn due to any of the above-mentioned reasons and the number of available hours in that week is negative, you will be required to reimburse the amount equivalent to the gross pay of those hours.
  • The payment of any such above mentioned amounts would need to be made immediately and the Company reserves the rights to recover these monies from your annual fees and/or any unpaid wages. The Company also reserves the right to commence collections procedures as deemed appropriate for the recovery of any such amounts.
  • There will be no refund of annual fees in case of voluntary withdrawal of the membership or in case the client has terminated your employment. However, if your membership is withdrawn due to end of an assignment within the first 3 months of the commencement of the membership, an amount equivalent to the part of the annual fees for the remaining period of your membership shall be refunded.

Privacy & Feedback

We respect your privacy and have developed a Privacy Policy. A copy of our privacy policy can be viewed on our website at

We would also like to hear from you if you are dissatisfied with our service or if you wish to give us any feedback regarding the Give n Take Club. In all such instances, please contact us at Your complaint if any, will be handled in accordance with our complaints handling policy.


You can contact us:

  • By Skype toll-free infopi
  • By phone 03 9028 5627
  • By sending an email to
  • By post addressed to Lvl 10, 50 Market Street Melbourne VIC 3000
  • By contacting your People Consultant