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Melbourne, VIC – People Innovations announced today that it will be conducting a review of its services & products offerings to its customers. During the review period, all online correspondence will be limited due to the nature of this review. Company officials are expected to conclude the review work within 8 weeks after which all online marketing is expected to resume.

People Innovations officials believe that this review is necessary to fine tune its services & products to improve investor confidence and widen its customer base. Many more innovative services and products are also expected to be launched after this review period.

There will be no interruptions to the company’s current services & products offerings in the meanwhile.

More information is expected to be released close to the end of the review period.

About People Innovations

People Innovations
People Innovations Pty Ltd is a Human Resources (HR) solutions provider offering premium recruitment services and expert advice at competitive prices.
An organisation with exceptionally innovative & experienced professionals provides high-quality HR services to its clients. In fact, each and every employee at People Innovations is committed to providing its clients with access to some of the best talent in the market & to support them in effectively utilising their employees’ potential.

The company’s mission is to motivate the temporary workforce to perform better & more efficiently in their everyday work responsibilities.


To learn more about this marketing inactivity, please contact

Media Relations

Head Office: 03 9028 5627

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