Why return from Maternity leave should not seem like Eternity?

Returning to work from maternity leave might be nerve-wracking for mother’s who aren’t well prepared. Working mothers may face various problems when they recommence work after a career gap, however, some planning would definitely make the transition a lot smoother.

While you are still on the maternity leave, set yourself for the successful return to the work. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for a successful return:

Talk to your employer before going on Maternity Leave

While, it may seem like an obvious thing to do, I have seen a lot of employees miss out on discussing many important aspects of their maternity leave. It is necessary to discuss every essential detail before your Maternity leave commences. This is because it may take you some time to focus on your work again after having a baby. Discuss your employment rights before going on Maternity leave. In case you are taking medication and are unable to spend as much time in the office, then discuss this with your employer. Various company policies & government regulations enable you to request flexible working arrangements. This may mean that you may be able to arrange to devote fixed number of hours at work or even to work on selected days in a week. This will in turn enable you to pay the required attention on your health as well as on your newborn baby. Paid maternity leave may also be available for you, but this should be discussed with your employer earlier on. Discussing some of these important factors will assist your smooth return to work.

Take help from your colleagues

When you return to work, there is a possibility that you aren’t able to focus on your work properly. This is perfectly normal and, in fact, most mothers returning to work face this situation. It is, therefore, advisable to take assistance from your peers, who in most cases wouldn’t be a disappointment. Your colleagues could play a major role in helping you readjust into your workplace and to get your confidence back.

Focus on the positive side

Like with most changes in life, you’re most likely to go through many ups and downs upon your return to work. I’ve known mothers who even start thinking about quitting in order to give their full attention only to their newborns. However, I would suggest that you think practically during these difficult times and make any decisions wisely. A lot of women out there remain in a similar dilemma, but happy are those who focus on the positive side of things and then take a decision.

A lot of women also choose to quit their jobs upon starting their maternity period. But, most women in this category want to restart working at some point of time after their maternity period is over. While re-entering the job market, it is advisable that these women seek some professional career advice & possibly consult with a recruitment agency. The benefits of a recruitment agency are immense as they can help these new mothers find jobs suitable to their situations.

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